Random Songs

by Rusty Cage

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released February 11, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: "Hold the Door" A Song for Hodor
Would you hold the door for me, Hodor?
Will you always be there for me, Hodor?
I been thinkin about the times you used to lift me up so high,
I think about the way I treated you, it makes me want to cry,
And I pray to the Old Gods that you will never die,
You're my best friend, Hodor.

You picked me up when I was weak, Hodor,
And every time you would try to speak you'd say, Hodor,
Well I feel so bad about how I did you wrong,
But I really needed you because you're dumb and strong,
Yea the Ice and Fire sings a real sad song,
Hold the door, Hodor.

Would you hold the door for me, Hodor?
When the white walkers come for me, Hodor?
Well you spent your whole life trying to keep me alive,
The least that I could do is sing about your only line,
Oh Hodor, Please wont you hold the door for me.
Track Name: The Noose Song
Let's learn how to tie a noose,
It's easy if you're not obtuse,
All you need is a piece of rope,
And abandon all your hope,

You make a loop and the snake goes down,
But changes his mind and turns around,
And climbs back up to the top again,
This is where the fun begins,

You take the snake and spiral down,
And at the bottom, What has he found?
The snake goes into the rabbit's hole,
Then you give the top a pull,

Now it's ready for your use,
This is how you tie a noose.